Here is an overview of the services I offer to private and business customers:


Repairs + Reworking (Business/Private)

I offer repairs and reworkings both for private customers as well as other businesses as a freelancer. My classical education as a goldsmith in Germany and my many years of practical work experience allow me to perform a wide variety of repairs and reworkings. I change ring sizes, do jewelry refurbishments, chain repairs, thread perl necklaces, and much more. I also rework old jewelry into new and unique pieces of jewelry. Be it mom’s favorite necklace that you would rather wear as a ring or your grandparent's wedding rings: Old jewelry can almost always be reworked into more modern, fashionable pieces, instead of being forgotten in a drawer. Please contact me to arrange a meeting, so we can discuss your project.


Custom Jewelry (Business/Private)

Do you have a precise idea for a piece of jewelry in mind and cannot find it anywhere? Or did you find a special stone or shell during your last vacation and would like to convert it into a beautiful piece of jewelry? If you wish for an individual piece of jewelry or a one of a kind keepsake, I would love to help make that wish come true! Let us meet over a cup of coffee and discuss how we could realize your vision.


Jewelry Design (Business)

As an educated goldsmith and jewelry designer, I love designing new jewelry for every occasion and topic. I can quickly communicate ideas with fast sketches or photorealistic 3D drawings. I also create technical drawings, if required. The combination of a solid background in classical goldsmithing and jewelry production techniques, and extensive jewelry design experience can help your business design its next jewelry collection, while making sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises in production.